• Yoga Fundamentals
    with Meredith McCullough

    6-week course to learn the basics of yoga. Teacher Meredith McCullough will provide you with a solid foundation on the fundamental concepts and poses of Hatha Yoga. Open to all! No flexibility is required. Members save 20% - email us for your discount code.

  • Prenatal Yoga Special 6-Week Series
    with Rebecca Henry

    Next series starts September 11.

    Join birth and postpartum doula Rebecca Henry for a very special 6-week Prenatal Yoga Series in July/August! Prenatal yoga is not just a regular yoga class adapted for pregnant people.  At a time when everything is changing in your body, prenatal yoga helps moms-to-be reconnect with and build body awareness, stretch,  strengthen and release the muscles most easily affected by pregnancy and foster a greater understanding of what is happening with our bodies during pregnancy and childbirth.

    This series will give moms a chance to foster a sense of community with other moms, explore techniques for preparing for and coping with labor and help make space for baby to turn into optimal position for labor and birth.

    Open to all stages of pregnancy and all levels of yoga experience. Accomodations will be provided for injuries or special conditions. However, if in doubt, we recommend that you consult your physicial before signing up.

  • Racism in the Yoga Community

    Two-part workshop with Dr. Monea T. Abdul-Majeed. September 21-22, 2-4 pm

    Part 1: On Saturday we’ll define implicit racial bias and identify how it shows up in yoga communities, and we’ll take a look at spiritual by-passing and micro-aggressions, and how these affect us as yogis. The conversation will be one that is rooted in honesty and sharing, allowing time for self-reflection. Most importantly, we will discuss what you can do to eliminate racism.

    Part 2: On Sunday we will take a deeper dive into soul-utions for yoga studios and beyond. Through discussion, sharing and small-group exercises, we’ll dig into implicit bias and then apply it to scenarios outside the yoga studio walls as well as within. The day will also provide resources to help you along on your anti-racism journey.

  • Rest for All: Restorative Yoga Workshop
    with Tara Lemerise

    What if we trained our bodies to rest in the same way we train our bodies to be stronger in fitness classes? Tara’s unique style of teaching Restorative Yoga applies the concept of a circuit-style work-out to Restorative Yoga. All of the bolsters, blankets and blocks required for Restorative Yoga postures are skillfully arranged into stations before you arrive so all you have to do is show up and rest. This profound, purposeful kind of resting can eliminate fatigue, expedite recovery from injuries, ease experiences of anxiety, and help you develop resistance to the impact of stress on your physical and mental health, plus so much more!

    Everyone welcome.

  • Becoming the Best Birth Partner
    with Rebecca Henry

    Becoming the Best Birth Partner: A hands on, yoga based, couples workshop to help prepare for labor.

    Join prenatal yoga teacher and birth and postpartum doula Rebecca Henry for a fun partner workshop that will bring together childbirth education and yoga techniques to help you learn how to be a rock solid birth partner.

    Many of the postures and breathing techniques practiced in prenatal yoga classes are not only natural birthing positions, but can also serve as comfort during pregnancy and labor. This is especially effective with additional support and pressure from the hands of a loving partner.

    Women often intuitively know what positions serve them best during labor, but partners are often at a loss of how best they can help them move between and support them in these positions. Natural labor progression is always enhanced when a mom feels supported and comforted by the people surrounding her. This workshop will focus on teaching birth partners how they can take an active, physical role in the pregnancy, labor and birth process, and therefore be a more relaxing presence for mom.

  • Yoga for Happy Lower Backs
    with Megan Davis

    Low back pain is one of the most common injuries/complaints.  Much of our low back pain comes from misuse and overuse of particular muscles and poor posture.  Yoga and myofascial release provide an opportunity to work the body in different ways and to recreate patterns that support healthy posture and alignment. This series will focus on grounding through the feet and the legs and on toning and supporting the pelvic floor to decrease compression in the lower back as well as aligning and strengthening our core stability muscles. This class is appropriate for students of all levels. Students with injuries are welcome.  Sense of curiosity and willingness to experiment with new types of movement a must.

  • Yoga for Happy Upper Backs & Shoulders
    with Megan Davis

    The holidays are coming.  Between the extra commitments and the stress of travel or entertaining people, your shoulders might be hunched up and squishing your neck a bit more than usual.  This series will focus on moving into a more neutral shoulder alignment through myofascial release and modified yoga asanas.  We will work to strengthen the muscle groups that support proper shoulder alignment to address shoulder injuries and weaknesses and apply methods that create space in the shoulder girdle to increase range of motion. Applying proper shoulder alignment throughout your practice will increase strength and flexibility and decrease shoulder, upper back and neck tightness, and pain. This workshop is appropriate for students of all levels. Students with injuries are welcome.  Sense of curiosity and willingness to experiment with new types of movement a must.

  • KRI Level 2 Teacher Training: Authentic Relationships

    KRI Level Two Certification program in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®: Authentic Relationships

    With Sada Sat Kaur and Awtar Kaur Khalsa. November 15-17 and December 6-8.

    KRI Level Two Certification program in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan® with Sada Sat Kaur and Awtar Kaur Khalsa. This course meets for two 3-day weekends in fall: Friday, Saturday and Sunday November 15-17 and December 6-8, 8:30 am to 6 pm daily Join us for this 62-hour course to deepen your connection with your self and with others.

    Kundalini Yoga Level 2 courses help to develop the inner growth and personal discipline of a truly excellent teacher. Our senior trainers will skillfully lead you through 6 full days of yoga, meditation, lecture, discussion, journaling, and sharing.

  • Kundalini Yoga Retreat: Set Your Intentions for the New Year
    with Julie (Jiwan Shakti Kaur) Eisenberg

    Escape the city and give yourself a weekend of Kundalini Yoga at Blue Mountain Retreat center with Lighthouse owner, Jiwan Shakti Kaur (Julie Eisenberg). The New Year is a perfect time to reflect on what you’d like to leave behind and how you’d like the next 12 months – and beyond – to manifest. Through Kundalini yoga, meditation and chanting, you’ll have an opportunity to find balance in your life and set your intentions for the new year.

    During the weekend, the kriyas will be focused on awakening the chakras, cleansing the mind, and letting go of what you don’t want to carry into 2020. We’ll then take some time to set intentions that we’ll take away with us, planting the seeds for prosperity, happiness and health in the new year.

    Open to all levels. No prior Kundalini Yoga experience is required. Blue Mountain is approximately 90 minutes from Washington, DC.

    Give yourself (and your sweetheart!) a gift of yoga this new year.

  • KRI Level 1 Kundalini Teacher Training
    with Julie (Jiwan Shakti Kaur) Eisenberg

    KRI Level 1 Kundalini Teacher Training is a 9-month, 220-hour fully-accredited Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. Lead trainer: Sada Sat Kaur.